We manufacture a wide range of products that cater to numerous markets and industry sectors. Whilst some of our products are used across multiple sectors, it is important to note that sometimes subtle differences between similar products can create significant consequences. Our products are tailored to suit the demands of each market sector, to deliver optimal performance.

About Our Markets

Comprehension of individual market sectors and industry requirements is key, as it allows us to create products and solutions that fit those specific requirements.

Our commitment to excellence and adaptability shines through, as we manufacture innovative solutions for various applications. Whether it's optimising connectivity in Data Centres, supporting dynamic learning in Educational settings, or meeting the stringent demands of Marine and Military applications, we take the time to understand what is important to our customers and their environment.


As telecom systems tend to operate on single-mode fibre and often over longer distances, there is a greater importance to ensure that return loss or back reflection on a connector is more tightly controlled. Our standard manufacturing operation presents typical values of -57dB (UPC) and -65dB (APC) for return loss measurement. So, whether you purchase our drop cables, pigtails, patch cords, attenuators, splitters/couplers, WDM assemblies or Hydra assemblies, you have assured and guaranteed dual wavelength performance.

Data Centre

For Data Centres where high density fibre population is required, Lite Linke’s MTP® solution is our choice offering. Enabled to provide 144f in a 1U space via a modular cassette system, this solution dramatically reduces installation time to a fraction. Utilising high grade, low loss branded components, such as US Conec, Huber & Suhner, RDM, Lite Linke and Sanwa. The cassettes are all linked together with MTP® trunks which are custom length manufactured in our UK facility.


Often forming temporary networks for event duration, Pre-terms on re-deployable cable drums are very popular. Typically, the Pre-term has a Polyurethane (PUR) jacket which has greater abrasion resistance, temperature range, is more flexible and is mechanically very tough when compared to the usual LSZH or PE sheathed cables used in permanent installations. These can be terminated with standard fibre connectors; LC, SC, ST and fitted with a re-useable protection sock. Alternative connectors that are easier for direct mating into bulkheads or for daisy-chaining are Senko’s IP-LC’s and IP-MPO providing 2-24F in a single connector, Neutrik’s OpticalCON. Junction boxes with adapter plates are complimentary with this range and made to order.

Utilities & Renewables

Leader Optec is a trusted provider with an expansive product portfolio tailored for the unique needs of the energy and utilities sector. From onshore and offshore wind farms to nuclear facilities and oil and gas installations, Leader Optec offers a comprehensive range of products, including pre-terminated solutions, patch leads, conduit-based leads, and essential test and measurement tools. These specialised offerings empower professionals in the energy industry with reliable connectivity solutions, ensuring seamless data transmission and robust network infrastructure. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Leader Optec plays a pivotal role in supporting the critical operations of energy and utility facilities, contributing to the efficiency and reliability of their communication networks.

Public/Private Sector

Most internal links, 4-24f tight buffered (TB) pre-terminated cables, patch panels and patch cords suit many applications. For cross campus or via ducting routes, substitute the TB cable for a 4-48f Loose Tube (LT) pre-terminated cable with superior weather-proofing, which are better suited. These can also be armoured types; non-metallic, Corrugated Steel Tape (CST) or Steel Wire Armoured (SWA). Steel or plastic junction, termination or splice boxes in various sizes and configuration are available off-the-shelf or custom built to requirements.


Leader Optec distinguishes itself with a diverse product portfolio catering to photonics applications, particularly R&D facilities, active and device manufacturers. The company provides an extensive range of products, including passive optical devices, polarization-maintaining (PM) fibre, and various components crucial for photonics research and development. With a focus on precision and innovation, Leader Optec supports cutting-edge advancements in photonics, offering solutions that empower R&D professionals and manufacturers to achieve superior performance in their optical systems. Whether it's designing passive optical components or integrating PM fibre into devices, Leader Optec plays a pivotal role in advancing the capabilities of photonics technologies for various industries and research endeavours.

Marine & Military

Marine and military field application utilise PUR cable jackets fitted with pluggable harsh environment connectors and wound onto re-deployable drums for rapid, mobile fibre optic links. We terminate the MIL-DTL-83526/20 and /21 compatible range of Amphenol expanded beam connectors and bulkheads, which are ideal for shorter distance field use and less sensitive to dirt and debris. We also terminate MIL-38999 style optical connectors which provide a physical contact between mated ferrules and subsequently lower losses than EB. For both connector styles, we build custom designed closures in plastic, steel or stainless steel and fit them with cable glands or bulkheads.


Leader Optec takes pride in its extensive product portfolio tailored to the unique needs of the education sector. The offerings include tight-buffered and loose-tube pre-terminated cables, providing reliable connectivity solutions for diverse applications. Additionally, the company provides patch panels and patch leads designed to meet the varied demands of educational institutions. Notably, Leader Optec's loose-tube assemblies excel in cross-campus or via ducting routes, boasting superior weather-proofing capabilities. These assemblies come in armoured types, including non-metallic, Corrugated Steel Tape (CST), or Steel Wire Armoured (SWA), ensuring durability and protection. We also offer a range of steel or plastic junction, termination, and splice boxes in various sizes and configurations, customised to your specific requirements.

Open to New Market Developments

At Leader Optec, we are open to exploring new market developments. As a company, we largely invest within our R&D, as at the core of our company is a forward-thinking approach. In doing so, allows us to expand on our product offering and serve our diverse customer profile.

If you have a market development that you are looking to explore, contact our Team today.


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