Our fibre optic engineering Team have the ability and know-how to terminate most fibre optic connectivity solutions. With experience and tooling for most branded solutions of mainstream product sets and for many proprietary connectors we can provide a termination service that will likely fit the bill.

Patch Leads

Patch leads to bespoke length are commonly catered for with rapid turnaround times.

Typical connectors such as MTP / MPO, LCHD, LC, SC, FC/PC, ST, SMA, E2000 and APC (angle polished) variants are stocked in large volumes for custom made, rapid termination and despatch.

Complementary to our EXFO test equipment range, high specification Test Reference & Master patch cords are made in-house. OTDR launch reels, boxes and dead zone eliminators as well as 19” rack mount test beds. These contain anything from 50m to 100km of fibre with custom pre-built events for network simulation.

Speciality Terminations

Some of the speciality terminations include PM fibre assemblies with high polarised extinction ratio’s, terminations onto small core such as 4/125 or 6/125 or for large core HCS such as 200µm or 400µm. We terminate directly onto fibre tailed laser modules and on-board optic circuitry with single fibre or arrayed configurations such as MTP/MPO ferrules. We also support many legacy connectivity products like SMA 905/906, MTRJ and TAP8 (DIN).

For external connectivity, where the mated pair needs to be surface mount or daisy chained, there is a wide variety of solutions available from Leader Optec. Expanded beam connectors, using ball lensed technology onto tactical cables are terminated in-house. For those applications where butt-joint connectors for physical contact and lower losses are required, we can provide and terminate ODVA compliant, or military specified and approved MIL-DLT-38999 assemblies. There is a wide range of choice, whether it be for a single fibre or up to 48 fibres within a single housing that is required, Leader Optec can terminate in the UK.

High Density Assemblies

Our Welsh and UK based facility produces high density MTP® / MPO / MPO+ assemblies and a range of LC HD connector styles from brands including Lite Linke, Huber & Suhner, RDM, Senko and Sanwa. Each connector style has its own unique merits dependent on the application and network requirements. For MTP / MPO, there is a range of cable types from single jacketed/single connector to multi-tailed cables that can be configured with Base-8 MPO, Base-12 or Base-24 and up to 144 fibres per trunk cable assembly. For the LC HD connector styles, we manufacture assemblies on 1.6mm, 2mm or 3mm zip twin duplex, or the increasingly popular round duplex cable which maximises cable space or onto Hydra type cables with multiple tails.

Pre-terminated Cables

With a multitude of different designs for a multitude of applications and conditions, Pre-Terminated cabling is Leader Optec’s core business. The basic concept of installing a pre-connectorized cable presents some huge benefits over on-site termination or fusion splicing pigtails onto cable. Major advantages include installation speed – this can save hours per cable plus it negates the need for skilled terminators and jointers and the specialise equipment required. Instead, assembly in a near clean-room manufactured environment, the whole pre-term is made to specification – length, labelling and performance – complete with Tier 1 or Tier 2 test certification. The pre-term connector tails can be fitted with a clear flexible protection sock to prevent damage to the connectors during installation. To get started, its simply choose the cable jacket material and construction to suit the environment, choose the type of closure, junction box or receptacle the pre-term is fitted to, choose the number of fibres and connector type required. We can then guide you through to the rest.

Copper Termination

To complement our high-speed networking portfolio, Leader Optec manufactures custom length Category 5e to Category 7A cable assemblies, both patch cables and pre-term looms.

We offer immediate despatch for standard length patch cords/ jumper cables, with fast lead-times and UK manufacture on custom length or design, such as special pin-out, labelling, boot colour. Our pre-term loom service is our description for Cat5e-Cat7A pre-connectorized cables with either RJ45 plugs or Keystone Jacks. Generally, they’re configured as single cables or in multiples up to 24 cables per loom, which can be fitted into an expandable sock or banded together with Velcro® ties. The components can be on free issued to us or Leader Optec supplied.

Quality and Testing

Firstly, all production staff are assessed and NVQ qualified for their task in-hand. All assemblies are made to a standard or customised drawings with various check point along the process. Leader Optec has some of the best equipment available for inspection and test measurement and all fibre and copper cable assemblies are 100% tested prior to leaving our facility. Take an MTP® single-mode assembly, for which our technicians have received training and certification directly from US Conec. The process is Visual Inspection at 400x magnification for cracks or blemishes, recorded Interferometry check ensuring each individual fibre has the correct end-face geometry. Also, as there are up to 24f in a single connector, that all fibres correlate within both X & Y axis of the ferrule. The next process is recorded insertion loss, then return loss testing, then polarity check finishing with a final recorded visual inspection check. At the packing stage, there will be a final QC check on the assembly against the drawing for labelling, packaging and general aesthetics. The process flow is as highlighted below:

Polarity ⇨ Visual ⇨ Interferometer ⇨ Polarity ⇨ Visual ⇨ Final

Our Facility

Manufacturing equipment for assured quality controlled and high-grade fibre optic termination. Leader Optec utilises only the best in class equipment for its manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing process starts with automated and programmable Schleuniger cable cutting and coiling pans for repeatable and accurate length tolerance and coil size. Trusted Schleuniger equipment is also used for outer cable jacket removal and aramid yarn trimming – again providing repeatable accuracy. A simple process such as mixing two-part epoxy for connector termination is taken very seriously at Leader Optec. We use a centrifuge to ensure air is removed from the mix and subsequently reducing air pockets within the connector ferrule.

Following the termination and curing process, all ferrules are laser cleaved to remove the excess glass shard safely and with consistent precision accuracy. Our Optek Systems cleaver also has the ability to cleave arrayed fibres such as MTP / MPO and for preparing for MXC® and Prism Light®Turn® connectivity.


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